Another student council?
Another student council?
  • Ko Eun-mee
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        Ewha’s official Student Government Association (SGA) is known as Ewha We Can. The pamphlet Jung Yoon-kyoung (Broadcasting & Film, 2) received near Ewha’s main gate was also from a student association. But she could not figure out the name of the group: Hae-bang Ewha Student Committee.



        The Hea-bang Ewha Student Committee was formed on March 2 by a merger of six clubs and student councils of departments: the 26th Student Club Association, the 41st student council of the Division of Nursing Science, the 41st student council of the Sociology department, Soran (the student society of the College of Education), Silbaram (the social science society of the College of Liberal Arts), and Tohon (a social movement club, where members dance to express their opinions).



       The committee is composed of four divisions; Student Self-governing Division, Public Relations Division, Organizational Division, and Demonstration Division.



       “This new student council has formed to represent students’ voices on the issues such as the high tuition and the school’s oppression of student self-governing performances,” said Jung Na-wee (Sociology, 3), the director of the Organizational Division of the council.



       The council meets twice a week in the Student Union Building and distributes fliers at the main gate on Mondays and Wednesdays. On Tuesday and Thursday before the third, fourth, and fifth class periods, the members visit classes randomly and promote their activities to spur student participation.



       “We are an absolutely different organization than the SGA in that we actively encourage students to involve in demonstrations against the school and the Lee Myung-bak administration,” said Jung.



       Students have yet to respond to the new group, however.



       “I am not paying much attention to the new council since many similar movements were made in the past with no apparent results,” said Kim Hye-mi (Korean Music, 2).



       Both the SGA and Cha Mi-kyeong, vice-president of the Office of Student Affairs, declined to comment on the committee.





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