How foreign universities aid students with academic writing
How foreign universities aid students with academic writing
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    The importance of writing skills is gaining power not only in Korean universities, but also universities throughout the world. Many foreign universities provide students with systematic courses and have specialized institutes for writing, and students’ talent in writing is regarded as a starting point of all academic studies. Universities in the United States (U.S.) can be considered pioneers in the education of academic writing.
“Universities in the U.S. established writing programs and applied them to various studies since 1960s. They have provided systematic courses from the first to higher grades and students obtain individual feedback. On the other hand, Korean universities are at an early stage and lack distinctive systems,” said Han Soo-young (Korean Language & Literature).

    Courses and Seminars for Writing at Dartmouth University
    The Dartmouth Institute for Writing and Rhetoric fosters students’ abilities as writers, speakers, and critical thinkers. The institute promotes a culture of writing and rhetoric across campus majors through courses, peer engagement among students, and sustained conversations among faculty.
    First-year Seminars, Writing 2-3, and Writing 5 are requisite courses for students, and they have to choose other courses in contemporary writing. Most students at Dartmouth take two writing classes in their first year: Writing 5, followed by First-year Seminar. Writing 5 courses are limited to 18 students per each class and those who feel they need more than one term of writing instruction should take Writing 2-3 courses. Writing 2-3 courses are assigned to two terms and are limited to 16 students per each class.
    A First-Year Seminar satisfies General Education requirements, similar to Ewha students who take cultural studies classes in addition to major classes. An individual seminar has been approved for the purpose of fulfilling credits by the Committee on Instruction. During the First-Year Seminar program, students participate in a course structured around intensive writing, independent research, and small group discussion. Students are not eligible to participate in Off-Campus Programs until they have fulfilled the First-Year Seminar requirement. Furthermore, any student who has scored lower than 620 on the Critical Reading SAT exam is asked to take an on-line Writing Placement exam and to complete an on-line Writing Profile.

    One-to-One Consulting for Writing at Cornell University
    For first-year students, the Knight Institute at Cornell offers First-Year Writing Seminars in one of the country’s largest and most diverse program. The program consists of 100 different courses in more than 30 departments including the humanities, social sciences, expressive arts, and sciences. Through introductory work in each seminar’s particular field of study, students can learn to work in a range of genres emphasizing coherence, intellectual force, and stylistic control. All procedures are provided by one-to-one consultation.
    Only faculty and graduate students who have completed the Faculty Seminar for Writing Instruction are able to teach First-Year Writing Seminars and offer courses associated with Writing in the Majors. Graduate and undergraduate tutors offer one-on-one consultations for writers seeking feedback on all kinds of written work. From formal essays to reading responses, from lab reports to presentations to grant application, tutors support students and help them to communicate more effectively in academic, civic, and professional contexts. Writers may visit just once to discuss questions or short projects, or multiple times as they sharpen drafts or build more effective writing skills.

    On-line Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University
    At Purdue University, students who have difficulty beginning the writing process can get help from the On-line Writing Lab (OWL) ( OWL is a writing lab operated by Purdue University, which offers basic assistance from solving minor problems such as grammar, citation, and choosing topics to complicated ones such as coherence and parallel structure in professional writing.
    On the right side of the welcoming page of OWL a navigation menu guides student to various categories of writing: Internet Literacy, Writing in Engineering, Creative Writing, and Job Searching Writing. Just a simple click of will guide students to learn how to create a thesis statement or how to write a conclusion. OWL aims at making a place in which students can easily interact with each other about their reading materials. Students can not only discuss general academic writings but also literary activities and presentations.
    Moreover, students who still have questions about writing can get help via an email tutoring program. The staff of OWL Mail Tutors is comprised of graduate instructors, all of whom teach or have taught writing classes at Purdue University. With accessibility to reference materials of the library, including manuals and stylebooks, the tutors answer all sorts of questions about writings, regardless of the field of study.
    The best point point OWL is that it is not limited to students at Purdue. All instructors and students who have difficulties in their writing from any other school of any other country can get assistance from OWL.


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