Clubs work as enhancers of students' Network Quotient
Clubs work as enhancers of students' Network Quotient
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Who are your NQ enhancers? NQ is a Network Quotient that determines the degree of your socialization. Such quotients are rising among other ?ust lists?that include your EQ and IQ as a helpful tool to enhance your life. Whether a native or a foreigner, if you are interested in networking, or if you are in need of someone to introduce new motivation into your life, there are some human networking groups that you might find very useful.
Carpe Diem is an NQ enhancer for university students in Korea. "Carpe Diem helps students to make their dreams grow. Through meeting and talking with the people from various majors and careers, we have more chances to talk about our own dreams," said Hwang Na-rae (Duksung Women's University, 3), who has been a member of this group for two years.
Unlike other student-oriented groups, which usually have meetings for other purposes, for example, to study certain subjects and to do volunteer works together, Carpe Diem exists purely to provide broader human networking opportunities and to give moments of new inspiration to young college students.
For foreign students in Korea who also want to join in a network group, the International Student Fellowship (ISF) offers support for life in South Korean society. "Our purpose is to do our best to help foreign students feel at home in South Korea. We provide various cultural activities and events to help connect foreign students to schools, families, and to job areas so that they can easily adapt and work for themselves in Korea," said Park Sang-min, a photographer for the ISF.
"Since I have joined the ISF, not only could I form a network with the Koreans and the culture, but also with other countries as well since there are many other foreign students who come to join this group," said Li Jhuo, a Chinese graduate student at Kyunghee University.
"We also used to receive job recruitment requests from the big companies in South Korea, such as Samsung Electronics and LG Telecom for qualified foreign students. Though we don't receive them as frequently as before, through the network between Korean members of the ISF, foreign students can receive a lot of help for jobs as well in other areas that they need help," said Jee Mun-sun, the chief director of the ISF.
Since the society has become more individualized, one might feel left out. However, the good news is that many groups are emerging to help introduce you to a wider world, allowi you to stretch out and build up your career with the help of others. Choi Ha-nah (Statistics, 3), who is a member of AISEC (Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales) said, "As I delve into what I do, and meet various people through activities, networking with people just comes as a natural thing."

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