New digital multimedia devices introduced
New digital multimedia devices introduced
  • Son Min-ji
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A LCD Media Board projecting school information

  With the support of University News Network (UNN), 18 Lcd Media Board (LMB) stands were placed in fourteen buildings on campus as a part of U-Campus Marketing project. Also as a part of the project, 4 Internet Kiosks (In-ki), dual-screen computer stands that provide public walk-up and wireless access, were newly displayed along with the placement of LMB stands
  The U-Campus Marketing project itself belongs to the Clean Campus Project, which the UNN started in 2007. Its goal is to make campuses look clean by replacing old method of advertisement and establishing digital multimedia infrastructure through setting up the devices like In-ki, LMB, and LED. This year, the project targeted 19 universities including Ewha.
  U-Campus Marketing project is to allow students to use computers conveniently around campus through the In-ki. Not only that, but In-ki will also show news and events at school. The In-ki also contains battery-charging devices for cell-phones from which students benefit from while using the Internet.
  “It is convenient because I can use the Internet for a short time or in case of emergency when I need to check some information during recesses. I am glad that they are located everywhere in this campus,” said Kim Hye-in (Journalism, 3).
  Along with In-ki, the LMB stands, which are used as digital advertising devices such as Light Emitting Diode (LED), were placed around campus to show advertisements and announcements, and are intended to replace the previous messy wall posters and banners. The LMB stands consist of a 47 inch full high-definition (HD) screen and the logo of UNN below.
   “We put two LMB stands at the first and the second floor of Ewha Centennial Library in November, 2008 by way of showing an example. Since it is thought to be a very successful way of delivering information, we decided to install more LMB stands this March,” said Kim Ji-soo, who works in the Office of Information and Communications.
   “We expect to deliver notices and school’s information more effectively to students by using these useful electronic devices,” said Kim.

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