Ewha a top university for disabled students
Ewha a top university for disabled students
  • Jung Hey-jie
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                  The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology on February 27 recognized Ewha as one of the top 20 universities for disabled students. Since 1995, at least 10 students with disabilities have entered Ewha annually, and the school has improved the educational environment for them.
 In 2005, Ewha began assigning full-time faculty members whose exclusive responsibility was to help disabled students. In 2008, the Support Center for Students with Disabilities (SCSD) was established as the only post equipped with a professional administrative system that efficiently helps students with disabilities.
  According to the ministry, Ewha’s most progressive point was establishing the SCSD. Before launching the SCSD, the Ewha Social Service Center offered services for students with disabilities, which was less specialized than the current center.
 The center is staffed by full-time faculty members and teacher’s assistants with master’s degree in Special Education.
It provides services by type of disability. Psychological services including counseling and psychological testing are part of the services. Employment seminars and lectures by disabled students who succeeded after graduating from Ewha are often held too.
                  “We hold career workshops to help students with disabilities find suitable jobs after graduation,” said Ko Yun-ja, a faculty member at the Support Center for Students with Disabilities.
Students with disabilities can also receive lots of help from doumi, which means helper in Korean. Doumi are students who applied to volunteer with the disabled. As helpers, they partner with the disabled and give guidance ranging from catching up with school work to taking notes at lectures.
                  This semester, there are 50 to 60 such student volunteers. The school encourages students to become Doumi by offering scholarships or credit for the work done.
                  ”Being recognized as one of the very best universities in providing essential support to students with special needs is of great significance in the history of Ewha,” said Ko. 


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