Ruhr University Bochum in Germany
Ruhr University Bochum in Germany
  • Martin Weiser
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Hello! My name is Martin and I have been exchange student at Ewha Womens University since August last year. I spent a great time and I am looking forward for my next semester here.



I am glad to get the chance to introduce my university to you. I have studied Korean and Chinese studies for two years at Ruhr University Bochum in Germany. Bochum itself is actually a rather small town and maybe you never heard of it before. If you look on a map of Germany you can find it near the western border north of Cologne.



Founded in 1965, my university is one of the biggest universities in Germany that has over 32,000 students.  It has a high reputation for medicine and computer science. Additionally, Bochum University is home to many courses rarely found in Germany like Korean Studies or Ease Asian Economics and Politics.



The class schedule in my school is very similar to the one from Ewha. Happily, there are normally 30 minutes break between classes. So you can spend that time freely without having to rush to the next class.



Although the outside of the buildings might look rather uninviting due to their grey design of the sixties, Bochum’s campus does not have to hide itself. Between the buildings there are parks to spend the time betweens classes. People looking for a quite place also can go the botanic garden only 10 minutes away from the main buildings by foot.



After class, students can take part in various cultural activities from beat-boxing to yoga that are mostly free. I loved to go to Hapkido class once a week and Jazz and Blues nights every month. Additionally, all departments are organizing parties once a semester and the office  for cultural activities organizes regular music performances. Many dormitories around campus have normal or theme parties once or twice a year.



You can easily take the train to the boarder of Belgium or Netherlands and visit other countries.



If you need more information, visit the school website ( or contact me by e-mail (



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