A scene from the TV drama series Friends
A scene from the TV drama series Friends
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Rachel: We are very sorry to tell you this, but you, Phoebe, are flaky.

Phoebe: That's true. I am flaky

Rachel: So, what? You're just okay with being flaky?

Phoebe: Yeah, totally.

Monica: Well, then I'm okay with being high- maintenance.

Rachel: Yeah, and I am okay with being a pushover.

Phoebe: That's great. Good for you guys.

Monica: I am not high-maintenance!

Rachel: I am not a push over!

Phoebe: Who said you were?

Rachel, Monica: You did!

Phoebe: I'm flaky. I'll say anything.


*Flaky: If you describe an idea, argument, or person as flaky, you mean that they are rather eccentric and unreliable.

example) She worried if the idea wasnt't just a little flaky, a little too outlandish.


*Pushover: You say that someone is a pushover when you find it easy to persuade them to do what you want.

example) He is a tough negotiator. We did not expect to find him a pushover and he has not been one.

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