Audio and Video Room adjusts for innovation
Audio and Video Room adjusts for innovation
  • Ko Eun-mee
  • 승인 2009.03.17 17:01
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The Audio and Video (A/V) room in the Ewha Centennial Library has made some changes.



For one, all audio and video sources of linguistic materials in the library are now to be used only in the A/V room. The library announced on January 30 that it would not let students check-out audio and video materials due to frequent damage.



As another change, new machines were added to the room; which include microfilm, satellite television, and language labs.



Multimedia editing corner is also installed in the A/V room. The corner is ready to serve students with its editing technology which consists of a PC, 24-inch monitor, web cam, pinnacle systems for video editing, and DVD/VTR combo recorder.



The A/V room was opened in 1998 to let students watch or listen to multimedia sources comfortably. It has about 2,500 films, numerous videos, CDs, and Microfilm (photographed information, especially newspapers).



 The A/V room expanded its size and moved to the first floor of the main library last May, and now accommodates students with 28 personal DVD and video seats, seven Language lab and audio seats, two satellite TV seats, three group viewing labs and a multimedia editing corner. It also provides free weekly programs on Thursday and Friday.



According to Ms. Yoon, a staff member of the A/V room who declined to give his full name, there was a steady demand for multimedia editing machines in the past. And the change made this time was the result of university’s effort to accommodate the needs of the students.



Kim Jung-sun (Sociology, 3) who is a member of Noue, the movie-making club, has long been searching for an editing system on the campus. “Before, the editing labs only existed for the Division of Media Studies, so I couldn’t use them. Now I’m happy that this place is serviced to all students,” said Kim.



Besides the advance in the movie editing section, other sections in the facility also services students. Two satellite TV seats are available to students to watch foreign TV channels such as BBC and CNN and various channels around the globe. Also, those who wish to copy past issues of a newspaper in the original size can take advantage of microfilm, which stores material and allows it to be recopied afterwards.



According to Yoon, this service is used frequently by graduate students who are preparing their thesis. Last semester, about 1,320 students and school faculties made use of this various service using 1,480 visual and sound materials average in a month.



The A/V room and other facilities are open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Up-dates are made at all times. Students who wish to watch other materials can request them on My ELIS in the library homepage ( 



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