Worst mistakes may become best choices
Worst mistakes may become best choices
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I have a number of stupid friends around me.
In my high school years, I had a friend who was a producing director for the broadcasting station at the school. At that time, we all were high school students who would do anything to get into prestigious universities. The priority order was, and should have been, clear for everyone. Well, everyone, that is, except for my friend. She worked day and night to produce radio programs and make films. Looking at my friend, I questioned the exact role of a “producing director,” as I never saw a director writing scripts, or shooting and acting on the scenes. So, I was upset when she was blamed for being arbitrary in her work by some of her colleagues. She just deserved much more.
My university friends are stupid too. I have a friend who is a reporter for a newspaper agency at the school. Her major has nothing to do with journalism, nor does she want to pursue a career as a reporter. She was often stressed when she first started working for the newspaper; whenever the agency wanted her, she put her other work aside and concentrated on making the newspaper. How stupid.
Wait, there is one more! One of my friends participated in an Ewha soccer game. She could not concentrate on her exam because she practiced for the game too hard the day before the test. Of course, something bad happened to her grades.
Each of these three friends has something in common. First, ironically, these stupid people are among the most talented I have ever met in my life. And second, they absolutely loved or love their extracurricular clubs (or, in Korean dong-ari).
There are numerous dong-ari in Ewha. At the start of each semester, students, especially freshmen, are looking for a dong-ari that will match her interests. They try to join ones through which they can meet lots of people, enjoy working, but still have plenty of time for study. Most dong-ari cannot fulfill all these conditions; often they lose half of their members because the group is different than what was expected.
Yet, my friends love their dong-ari, even if they have a few bad memories, because through them they are able to learn so much before they enter the “real world.” Solving problems, dealing with colleagues, learning professionalism, obtaining a sense of achievement, etc. -- there are some of the lessons one can have from participating in a dong-ari.
And what happened to my friends? The producing director got in to a prestigious university in an early decision, and the reporter is in one of the high positions in her agency. And the soccer player’s team almost won the cup with valuable memories of passionate summer. Yes, my juniors. Worst mistakes can be best choices.

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