Foreign students as radio DJs
Foreign students as radio DJs
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Maria Regina Panol Arquija, a DJ for Multicultural Family Radio Broadcasting.
     There is a radio program that gives a moment of respite for people from China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand who are living a working strenuously in Korea. A Multicultural Family Radio Broadcasting that started on August 15 airs a radio programs in four different languages for foreigners living in Korea. The program is on all day long and among the four native DJs, an Ewha Global Partnership Program (EGPP) scholarship student, Maria Regina Panol Arquija (Advertising & Public Relation, 3), hosts the program in Filipino.
     Regina was selected to become a DJ when she applied to the program, answering a letter that came from the Philippine Embassy in Korea. “I wanted to share the stories and lives of people from my home country living in Korea through the radio. It is something I can feel sympathy towards and be happy about,” said Regina. “It is such a blessing for me to become the first Filipino DJ for this program,”
     The program that Regina runs consists of three aspects: News, Korean Study for the Day, and Discover Korean Culture. The News corner is a section introducing stories about Filipino multicultural families in Korea, to help them adjust to life in Korea and soothe nostalgia for their home country. The Korean Study for the Day teaches basic and simple conversations word by word so that foreign listeners can easily follow and understand. The Discover Korean Culture investigates differences and similarities between Korean and Philippine culture.
     Among the three corners of the program, Regina finds the corner for the teaching Korean language to be the most difficult. “When it comes to grammar, I sometimes get confused. So I have to study beforehand,” Regina said.
Each corner consists of a 90 minute program, including songs that are selected by the DJs or from audience requests. The songs are all popular songs in the native nation.
     Listening to the songs from her native country, Regina reminiscences once about her home and thinks of all who have come to live in Korea from her country. “It is hard to live abroad. But I, as a student, am privileged to learn at a school. Some Filipinos who have come to Korea do not even have that chance,” Regina said. “I want to share love and sympathy with others.”
     Having been touched with such affection from their DJ, people have written down touching comments on an Internet board. “I finally found a radio program which embraces the life and sounds of the Phillippines on the Korean Peninsula,” said one radio listener named Elizer Penaranda, who also added that “DJ Regina is conquering the South Korean airwaves.”
     The radio program is accessible via satellite Sky Life channel 885 or 620, regional Cable TV C&M channel 811 and also on the on-air streaming Internet homepage ( or People can listen to the program by clicking on the AOD (Audio On Demand) on the Internet homepage. 

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