What mission is left for the Ewha Voice
What mission is left for the Ewha Voice
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  • 승인 2008.12.03 13:53
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Seo yeon-ji, the Editor-in-Chief

It has been almost a semester since the Ewha Voice started to publish bi-weekly for the first time nationwide. Despite the brave decision, I am not so confident that many students know about this change.
The change did not happen overnight. It was the result of our struggle to attract more readership. Many English newspapers in other universities have switched to magazines which are less formal with more entertaining articles. Thus, the Ewha Voice has become the only remaining newspaper in the Union of Seoul Region Campus English Newspapers (USCEN), the union of 15 universities in English media. 

 In spite of the trend, the Ewha Voice decided to keep the newspaper format but to publish more frequently this year. This is because we believe that English media will become more important in the future and that Ewha students can benefit from the Ewha Voice's timely articles and information.

The Ewha Voice holds many titles and strives to keep them by innovative attempts. It is the first student English newspaper in Korea; it tries to keep the freedom of speech and English standard in the produced articles; its reporters solely manage the newspaper making process; it adapts to changing situations by more issuing.

With our attempts, we think we have well served the needs of increasing number of international students on campus. Especially, the frequent issuing delivered more information about Ewha to them. On the other hand, we still have the mission to think about effective measures to embrace and attract our Korean readers.

 As the initiator of the student English newspaper, the Ewha Voice will continue to evolve for our readers.

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