A highly qualified professor with a warm heart
A highly qualified professor with a warm heart
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Professor Kang Min-a of the Public Administration department


It was such a pleasant surprise to know that Professor Oh Eun-jin recommended me as one of her inspirational colleagues. I remember Oh as one of academically the most outstanding and personally mature students of English department. Another example of such English graduate is Professor Kang Min-a at Department of Public Administration.

Many English majors choose diverse courses in their career, and Professor Kang was not an exception. She had built up diverse fundamental for her career meandering through various disciplines. After studying English literature and language, Kang proceed to study business administration and then to public administration. Eventually her intellectual meandering made Kang a good teacher, a competent scholar, and a capable administrator.

I will remember Kang as one of the outstanding students who excelled not only in academic achievement but also in extracurricular activities. When we were both on the same commitee at Ewha Graduate Alumnae Association, I came to know her better as a conscientious, upright and thoughtful person. I deeply admire her efficiency and capabilities and I believe that Kang is and will be a worthy role model as a highly eligible professional equipped with warm personality. I would like to praise Kang for her outstanding achievements and more wonderful things to come in the future.

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