Four parties sign up for the Student Government Association election
Four parties sign up for the Student Government Association election
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High5 Ewha
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 The 41st election for the Student Government Association (SGA) of Ewha will take place on November 26 and 27. Four parties have signed up for the election: Ewha 3.0, High5 Ewha, Only Change Can Survive and Ewha We Can.
  Ewha 3.0 consists of Jung A-reum (German, 4) as the president candidate and Kim Eun-bee (Special Education, 3) as the vice-president candidate. They propose to lower tuition fees, execute a constitutional petition against the government for the high tuition fee and enhance students’ rights to the access of facilities in the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC).
 “Students become a member of the SGA automatically when they enter Ewha, so students are the owner of the SGA. Although, the SGA becomes the representing body of the students via election, to prove their representativeness, it should be running under students’ active participation. Students should always be the main consideration of the SGA,” said Jung.
  High5 Ewha consists of Kim Lee-na (Statistics, 4) as the president candidate and Park Kyung-hwa (Public Administration, 3) as the vice-president candidate. The main proposals include opposition to the rising tuition fees, innovating the current tutoring system and revision of the school regulations relating to anti-sexual violence and punishment.
“We think the SGA should be a place that students can easily access. Also, students should be able to make intimate relationships with the SGA and think of it as a place to make great friends. Furthermore, the SGA should have endless communications with students and give actual solutions to various problems that occur on campus,” said Kim.
  Only Change Can Survive consists of Park Min-hee (Painting & Print Making, 4) as the president candidate and Jung Yoon-ji (Law, 2) as the vice-president candidate. They propose to apply for a provisional disposition of the school’s reserved funds to be carried forward, establish a curriculum reorganization committee and preparatory class registration system.
“The SGA should have leadership with a strategy, especially for the tuition issue. Also, it must provide the leadership that can solidify Ewha students and that can promote interactive communication between the SGA and students are the most important aspects of an ideal SGA,” said Park.
  Ewha We Can consists of Lim Na-youn (Voice, 4) as the president candidate and Kim Yun-hee (Law, 4) as the vice-president candidate. Their proposals mainly focus on establishing a Tuition Solution Center, holding a “Ewha Goose dream concert,” where students can demonstrate their talents, and holding a one-to-one donation campaign.
“I think there are three roles of the SGA and an ideal SGA is where these three roles are balanced. The three roles are: drawing students’ attention to important social issues, enhancing school environments reflecting students’ opinions and improving students’ participation in various school events,” said Lim.
  The elections require at least a 50 percent participation rate from eligible voters to approve the winning party. Otherwise, the election is prolonged for an additional day. This situation has occurred since the 2004 SGA election.
  Kang Jung-joo (Korean, 4), the current SGA president and the representative of the Election Administration Committee, urges student to be more active in voting this year. Kang said, “The Election Administration Committee and the SGA will do their best. But the students should remember that the SGA represents every Ewha student, thus, they should take the responsibility and actively participate in the election.”

Ewha We Can

Only Change Can Survive









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