Mi is for music, La is for Library
Mi is for music, La is for Library
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Most people imagine a room full of thick books with people keeping their voices down when they hear the word “library”. However, the Music Library at Ewha, located at the second floor of the Music building, is a library with musical notes and special space for students to enjoy classical music.

The Music Library branched off from the Centennial Library in 1981 to be relocated in the Music Building. The library was again enlarged in 2003 to include a music hall where students can listen to music with CDs or LPs (Long Playing Records) as well as watch DVDs.

“The library contains over four thousand CDs, and even materials related to classical and traditional Korean music,” said Park Sun-jin, the manager of the Music Library.

Some students have already become big fans of the library. “I first found out about the library when I was a sophomore,” said Kim Young-hui (Business Administration, 3). “It was a perfect place for me to go since I really loved listening to classical music.”

Students enjoy visiting the music hall. The music hall has 12 seats – nine for listening to music, two for watching DVDs, and one for LP records. Students cannot borrow CDs and LP records since some pieces were lost in the past, but recording is permitted. Students can find the material they need on the library’s homepage, fill out the request form, and hand it to the library assistant. “Recording is available at a very low price,” said Park.

The library also provides some materials that are not available at school. In liaison with the online Naxos Music Library, the library provides students with a variety of musical choices. If students access the library on school computers, pieces are free of charge.

With thousands of musical notes and books, the library truly is a music warehouse. “Being a Korean music major, I need many musical notes and CDs. So, the library helps me a lot since I cannot buy all the materials,” said Pang Yun-sun (Korean Traditional Music, 1).

Listening to classical music and reading about the great composers at the library would be a great choice for students to relax once in a while.




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