Baker delivers healthy homemade cookies to students
Baker delivers healthy homemade cookies to students
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3. All the ingredients are available at large markets.


Cookies are delicious, but most of them, are also bad for you, with few vitamins and too much sugar. But students on, an online community for Ewha students, discovered a healthy exception to that rule when they met an anonymous user who baked and sold all-natural homemade cookies. That user, who wants to remain anonymous, was quickly named “The Cookie Friend” by the students whose orders she filled.



Unlike most of the cookies in stores, those baked by the Cookie Friend contained no butter, no sugar, and no white wheat flour. Instead, she used olive or grape seed oil, 100 percent natural honey, and organic raw wheat.



At first, the Cookie Friend had no intention of receiving orders for those healthy and tasty cookies; she just bragged about her healthy cookies on the Secret Garden bulletin board on is at, other students responded by recommending she sell the cookies, and thus began a business which lasted through the entire spring semester.



“I really look for a lot of snacks to eat when I study. But since the cookies sold outside were not good for me, I decided to bake cookies by myself,” said the Cookie Friend. “What I baked for myself turned into a business, although my main area of study is far from home baking.”



Soon, orders on the Cookie Friend’s personal blog filled the whole webpage. “The orders were more than I could bear. So I had to cut some of the orders,” said the Cookie Friend. “But I remember filling up about 500 bags of cookies to meet the orders I accepted.”



“The cookies that I got to eat are just like the diet cookies that I paid a huge fortune to buy in stores. Even when I just ate a few, I felt full but with low calories. Soft and tender… I do not regret ordering these cookies,” wrote one respondent on the Cookie Friend’s blog.



But despite continuing requests for her wares, the Cookie Friend had to and her business with the end of the term in order to study for a nationwide exam. “Since I am a student, I do not plan to carry on this business. Baking cookies is just my hobby,” she said. “The cookie baking did not even be a zero profit—I had to bear the burden of deficits. I have to learn more about baking cookies if I want to receive orders again.”



These days, the Cookie Friend is studying somewhere in Ewha, perhaps in a corner of a reading room, digging into her books.



<Cookie Friend’s Recipe>





No Butter, No Sugar, No White Wheat Flour, Raw Wheat Cookie Recipe



1. Simmer honey in a double boiler.

2. Cool the cooked honey so that chocolate chip does not melt later.

3. Dissolve one egg and pour 40 grams of olive oil or grape seed oil and stir whirly.

4. When stirring, put 1 to 2 drops of vanilla oil or essence and the baking fragrance will be felt.

5. Pour one third of a cup of milk.

6. Put 120 grams of raw wheat and knead the dough with a wooden rice scoop.

7. Put the boiled honey liquid into the dough and stir whirly one more time.

8. Now put chocolate chip or almond into the dough and knead.

  (If the dough feels muddy, you did quite well throughout this process!)

9. Scoop out the dough as if you are eating out an ice cream and drop the spoons of dough into a plate.

  (When you cover foil on the plate, you should cover with more than five sheets of foil so as to not make the cookies burn. If you have oilpaper for baking, it would be far better.)

10. Make yourself a nice shape of dough.

11. Preheat the oven for 15 to 20 minutes in a 180 degrees Celsius before inserting the plate in.

12. Bake the plate of dough for 15 to 20 minutes.

   (Make sure that you check the back of the cookies after 15 minutes past so that the cookies will not burn up!)






1. The upper recipe is a standard one and the ingredients and baking process is subject to change depending on bakers.

2. The upper recipe bakes up to 15 cookies.

3. All the ingredients are available at large markets.



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