The precious present of my life
The precious present of my life
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Caption: Chung Jee-yae (bottom middle) poses at a birthday party.

The Center of Europe,Brussels,


One of my friends who traveled Europe told me that was more European countries than any others. I totally agree with him. Because it still has typical image ofEuropewe can easily think, charming, and antique. In , as the center ofEuropethere are various people, European, Asian, Arabian, African, etc and Belgian can speak English very well. Also we can see many tourists in there. But unfortunately the weather of is terrible. It often rains, winds, and it is usually cloudy. I think because of these weather people can feel Belgian chocolate and waffle sweeter.



School life,SolvayBusinessSchool


SolvayBusinessSchoolis in ULB, Univerite Libre de Bruxelles and has a good reputation inEurope. I was surprised at its course system at the beginning. Most of professors are exterior lecturers who are working in the business at that presence, so courses were scheduled by professors. Some were only in a month, and some were only in 3 days like seminar style. This factor is a good strength solvay has. I took 4 courses, Advanced Marketing, International Strategy, Case Studies in International Strategy, and Multiculturality in European Market, there were very interesting and beneficial.



Valuable Relationship, Friends


 Thanks to my friends I could spend such a wonderful time inEurope. Luci who is a big fan ofAsia, I often went to Sushi restaurant with her. Sam who always invited me to parties and now he is working inParis. Regis and I promised to go toAfricatogether including his home country. Do, Korean adopted child, is still like my brother, and Nadage who is in Shanghai now will come to someday. Finish friend Vilija became to like Korean red pepper sauce, and she also has a plan to visit soon. John, the sweetest guy whom I have ever met before, wants to work in. Even though we don’t speak same language, and we have different culture, we could be friends and still contact each other.




Unforgettable Experience, Travel


 Travel always gives us valuable experience. It is very meaningful either going alone or going with someone. I could go travel easily because of the location, center ofEurope. There were many trains, buses, and low-price flights. City of music, fresh Vienna, country style Budapest, charming Praha, still tragic Krakow, exciting Berlin, beer festival Munich, country of fairytale, Amsterdam, Romantic Paris, Nice with beautiful beach, sophisticated Milan, passionate Barcelona, modern London, river city Venezia, quiet Copenhagen, and so on. I traveled many cities in Europe, and I felt and thought ofEuropevery much.



“Bonjour, pardon, merci.” Even though I couldn’t speak French well I spoke those three of words very often at that time. I think European culture is in these three words. Whenever people meet they say “Bomjour” with friendly smile. They easily accept their mistake and say “Pardon” In addition they usually say “Merci” with kindness. I like these friendly and kind European culture, actually I fell in love withEuropeduring the 5 months. I cannot express all of my feeling about Europe in this small paper, but only what I can say is that the time when I was inEuropewas a precious present in my life I will never forget. Lastly, I really hope that many Ewha students can get this valuable opportunity during their campus life. 




Chung Jee-yae (Business Administration. 4) spent the 2007 fall semester at Universite Libre de Bruxelles,SolvayBusinessSchoolin Brussels, Belgium.

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