Artistic spots to spend free hours inside the Ewha campus
Artistic spots to spend free hours inside the Ewha campus
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"Sweet City," paint on acrylic, at the 2008 Fashion Image Exhibition(efad).


"Gradually Progressing Self," acylic paint on hard board, at efad.


Students look at the list of movies playing at the ticket booth of Arthouse Momo.

Artistic spots to spend free hours on campus



When one class is over, most students cannot go directly home. They have to spend time somewhere because, three hours later, they have another class to attend. So, the Ewha Voice would like to suggest some of the best places on campus spend their free periods.



Arthouse Momo


For movie-lovers, the good news is, Arthouse Momo, the first on-campus movie house in the country, which has opened on the B4 floor of the Ewha Campus Center (ECC). This new movie house plans to run only the most outstanding artistic films. Arthouse Momo also has several special programs. For “Cinema that reads books,” “Cinema that hears music,” and “Book Concerts,” the movie theatre invites authors to recite parts of their books and also holds live concerts featuring musicians who sang soundtracks of different movies. In another program, called “My Own Proposal,” the theatre offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to propose marriage after watching a movie All of these programs cost 10,000 won ($10) or less and Ewha students, faculty and staff can take advantage of a 1,000 won discount. All the cinema requires is an Ewha identification card.


But, what do you do when you do not even have a single penny in your pocket? The Arthouse is offering a video clip from the famous EBS documentary “Knowledge-e” for free. For those who love documentary films, Arthouse Momo is also holding The EBS International Documentary Film Festival (EDIF) from September 24 to October 1. The festival will show 40-selected films from all over the world. Detials of the special programs and festivals are available on the cinema’s homepage (, or by phone at (02)363-5333.



Exhibitions and Performances


Art and music provide other free cultural options for Ewha students. Art andDesignBuildingA (The Ewha Art Center) and the music buildings (Kim Young-I Hall and the Recital Hall) are frequently open for exhibitions and performances by Ewha students, professors, alumnae and professionals.


 “Image Exhibitions” by the Graduate School of Design and Clothing and Textiles began in the first week of September, and an international student exchange exhibition called “Wave Exhibition” is running until September 20. Students from Visual Communication Design major and students from universities in the are participating in the exhibition.


Right across from the art exhibitions, music recitals are scheduled to be performed every week throughout the semester in the music buildings. Highlights are a performance of freshmen in Voice majors on September 18 followed by a graduate performance of Organ majors on September 27. Different recitals are scheduled every week (Mondays through Saturdays) until the end of the semester.


Complaining about nothing to do on campus during free periods is only a habit for those who have not yet fully explored the campus. Take a walk around campus and find a spot to suit your tastes, or enjoy some of Ewha’s cultural attractions and, you will not even notice how the time passes.  





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