Job fairs outside school help students plan for the future
Job fairs outside school help students plan for the future
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For Lee Hyun-hee (French, 3), the future was a subject that she did not want to think about. “Majoring in a field that seemed to have limits when it came to finding a job made me feel extremely insecure toward the end of last semester,” said Lee. Advice from seniors and professors did not help. But, luckily for Lee, she found a perfect place to answer her questions and help her prepare for her future: a job fair.

      Numerous job fairs are being held for university students like Lee, for whom future employment is one of the major concerns. Some know what they want to be, but do not know how to get there, while many others are just confused about their future. The current bleak job market in Korea also adds to the anxiety. “Since it is not easy for any of us to get a decent job these days, even as university graduates, we start worrying about the situation even when we are freshmen,” said Yoon Jung-soo (Social Studies, 1).

      The Cheonggyechun Job Fair is one job fair sponsored by the Ministry of Labor and the Korea Employment Information Service. The fair especially focuses on university students who are unfamiliar with the preparation needed to get a job. At the fair, students can freely consult with companies and even have on-the-spot interviews. Students can also learn about the working atmosphere at different job fields.

     “The program that helped me the most at this job fair was actually being an interviewee in a mock interview,” said Hwang Hee-kyung (English, 2). “Before going to the job fair, I had absolutely no idea how a real job interview is held. The mock interview was a great way to find out my weaknesses during interviews,” said Hwang.

      The job fair is held on the third week of each month. Students who want to do mock interviews must register in advance.

      Another job fair sponsored by the Korea Employment Information Service, called the 2008 Korea Job Fair was held on September 10 to 11 at COEX, the Convention and Exhibition canter. This fair takes place each year and has a variety of unique events including an interview contest. Events of the fair are broadcasted live through the Internet.

      Job fairs are also held to help foreign students studying in Korea and wishing to bet a job. The 2008 Career Fair for Foreign Students is a job fair specifically organized for foreign students who wish to get a job in Korea after graduation, but who have difficulty preparing alone. It takes place on Oct. 18 at the COEX convention hall.

     At the fair, up to 20 Korean companies will handle working visas for foreign students. They will be supported by the Gold Card System, a service that alleviates the difficulties that foreigners face at the immigration office. So students will be able to get their visas and accept job offers easily. Students attending this job fair are also required to bring many copies of his/her CV or resume with a photo.

     Even though it is hard for many of the students to figure out their future, if they look carefully, a lot of useful help exists outside of school. Each job fair has different characteristics. Also, the Ministry of Labor encourages university students to enjoy and experience various employment information and opportunities through the job fairs sponsored and organized by the ministry.

By Jun So-min






























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