Students on their free periods
Students on their free periods
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      Every time you plan your class schedule for the next semester, you cannot help but end up with free periods that you are not sure how to spend. Each semester, you end up spending those long periods without doing anything special. You begin to wonder what other students do during those long periods. How do other students spend their free periods? The Ewha Voice conducted a survey to find out.

      According to the survey of 162 students, about 47 percent said that they spend their free periods at cafés or restaurants. “Unless it is during an exam week, my friends and I spend time at a café outside of school or inside the Ewha Campus Complex,” said Hong Da-mi (Economics, 2). Hong added that the ECC is a perfect place to be with friends to spend time when they do not have enough time to do something special.

      Many Ewha students seem to have a hard time spending their free periods productively. “I really want to spend the empty hours between classes effectively. But I always end up doing the same things,” said Park Yae-rin (Social Studies, 1).

       However, for seniors who are preparing for employment or major tests, free periods are a chance to study at the library. On the survey, 26 percent of the students answered that they spend their spare time studying at the library and, out of that 26 percent, 70 percent were seniors. “For seniors, the empty hours between classes are very valuable. In my case, I am preparing for the judicial examination and there simply is not enough time for me to let it just pass by,” said Kim Min-kyoung (Law, 4).

      Some students carefully plan their free periods, so that their time does not just go into the wastebasket. “I once had four hours of spare time between classes and I did not know what to do. But then I found out that the Ewha Career Development Center was looking for someone to do an internship on campus,” said Hwang Yoon-jin (Business, 3). “I thought that it would be a great opportunity for me to not kill time during the empty hours but also experience an internship as well,” said Hwang.

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