Letter to the Ewha Voice
Letter to the Ewha Voice
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  • 승인 2008.09.01 22:16
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About 3 years have passed from the day that I’ve heard about Ewha Voice. At that time I was searching for english newpapers to improve my english skill. Although there were lots of professional newspapers like the Korean Times, daughter of my mother’s friend, who graduated Ewha Womans’ Uinversity, suggested me Ewha Voice. She told me that there are no other english newspapers like Ewha Voice that have both long history and abundant contents.


Other english newspapers just deal with ordinary news like war in Georgia or Beijing Olympics. However, Ewha Voice mostly deals with current issues related withEwhaWomansUniversity. For example, I really enjoy reading theme part, because it not only gives me thorough explanation ofEwhaWomansUniversity, but also it helps me to keep my affection on Ewha itself. But most amazing charateristic of Ewha Voice is that it also let students know about current social issues. It was the strongest reason that I have decided to read Ewha Voice during my high school years. As I had little access to newspaper itself, I frequently - although I say frequently, I’ve just visited once in a month as at that time Ewha Voice was monthly newpaper- visited website to read articles.


Reading articles uploaded on the website have affected somewhat big part of my life. Although my first intention of reading Ewha Voice was just reading english news articles, it gave me reasons to chooseEwhaWomansUniversity. I had a certain expection on freshman’s life while I read articles related with school events. I believe that it became an inpiration for me to study harder and a strength that boosted me up to reach current status. By this chance. I really want to thank both the senior who made to know of Ewha Voice and Ewha Voice itself.


I know that writing an article takes lots of effort and time, however, I wish the website be uploaded during the vacation. I heard from other friends that there have been various conferences and happenings on campus during vacation. I’m not expecting the whole newspaper, but I think that it would be a lot better if Ewha Voice can help other students to have an access on diverse events when most of them are off-campus. Still, I really appreciate Ewha Voice’s great effort on writing creative and informative articles including abundant interviews.  Jung Hey-jie ( International Studies,2 )


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