Prejudices about English newspapers
Prejudices about English newspapers
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If you are reading this right now, I would presumably assume that you picked up the Ewha Voice for one of the following reasons: you are a foreigner at Ewha, you want to learn English, or you were half forced by your friend at the Ewha Voice to read it or the newspaper was just sent to you. But about one in a hundred, you are probably a regular reader of the Ewha Voice, the ones whom we want to maintain.   
No matter for what reason you picked up the newspaper, the newspaper has suited whatever purpose that made you pick it up since you are already at the second to the last page (I hope). Reading a newspaper regularly is not easy unless one has a special purpose that makes him or her read it. Especially for those whose mother tongue is not English, reading an English newspaper is usually out of the question. However, a number of prejudices among readers seem to be provoking this unfortunate situation.
First, readers tend to think that English newspapers are hard to read. They assume writers will use grandiloquent words and fancy, hard to understand sentences. However, for most English newspapers, the golden rule is to make it simple and concrete. English newspapers, the ones especially in Korea, try to make the sentences as simple as possible and use easy words. In other words, the newspaper can be a useful source for those who want to learn how to write English. University English newspapers are more than useful because it is written by university students, so the level of writing is not as high as professional reporters.
Second, students prefer other Korean newspapers than an English one if they are going to read about Korean news anyway. They believe the English newspaper is just a mere translation of the Korean one, so there is no need to go through the difficulty of reading in English.
However, English newspapers consider the specialty of their reader group rather than the general audience when they prepare articles. They take in a viewpoint and add a little bit of spice considering the readers that have picked the English newspaper. So, the newspaper is probably especially designed to fit YOU!
Finally, students think the newspaper is plain boring. Just the thought of staring at English alphabet flowing over the page will make their head buzz. They have much better things to do ―write their term papers, hang out with their friends or relax by just listening to music.
But if you actually plunge yourself into the content, you will be able to find many interesting news and stories. Giving an example from our very own newspaper, our reporter prepared a feature about the expenses that it costs to go as an exchange student. There is nowhere else in the school where readers can get information about that.
These prejudices are not restricted to English newspapers, but even to newspapers in general. However, if you want to get information in English, for whichever purpose, just grab an English newspaper around you and start reading. If you read this, remember to pick up the next issue of the Ewha Voice. Who knows you might one day be looking forward for a new issue of the Ewha Voice to come out? And when you do that, tip off to the friend next to you to do so also.


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