Friendly faces of the Cyber Campus chat before saying good-bye
Friendly faces of the Cyber Campus chat before saying good-bye
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▲ Yun Tae-jin(left), Kim-Kyung-a (middle)and Kim Jessica(right) pose at ECC
As long as you are a member of Ewha, you definitely have, at least once, logged on to the Ewha Cyber Campus for your course you are taking. In the process, you have become so familiar with the structure and pictures, or the colors that you see on the Campus that it now only takes less than a second to type your identification number and password. You might even see some friendly faces that almost seem like acquaintances: the representative faces of students at the Ewha Cyber Campus. However, although it is quite pitiful, their term working as representatives is coming to an end and it is the time to say good bye to them.
Students at the Cyber Campus include Kim Jessica (International Studies, 3), Kim Kyung-a (Fashion Design, 4), and Yun Tae-jin (Human Movement and Performance, 3) and Chang Hae-ji (Computer Engineering, 3). Out of these four students, three students agreed to be interviewed since Chang is currently taking time off school.
Kim Jessica, the student wearing a maroon short-sleeved shirt with a muffler said the motive to become a representative face for the Cyber Campus was somewhat encouraged by her major. “My major, International Studies, teaches the ways to relate ourselves with the world and prepare ourselves to go out into the global arena. I wanted to become a student who introduces and guides people who access our school’s Cyber Campus,” said Kim.
Like Kim, each student had their own motives and ambitions to become a model for the Cyber Campus. Kim Kyung-a, wearing a white wide collar t-shirt with a silver necklace had experiences of acting as a model in the past. She said, “I often acted as a model for several magazines and have kept the pictures as precious memories since adults often tell us that ‘You are the prettiest when you are young.’ I thought it would once again become a good memory to be selected as a student representing the Cyber Campus.”
To show the best images of them in the Cyber Campus, the students underwent a series of photo shoots, that were then to be posted on the Internet to greet students logging on to the Cyber Campus. Yoon Tae-jin, a student wearing a black t-shirt with jeans posing in the midst of a vivid jump, said that she had to leap more than 20 times in order to capture the best shot. “Well, for the moment of taking picture, I had to jump a lot of times, but it was a great fun!”
As soon as the images of these students were posted, they were bombarded with many comments from their friends. Yoon said, “My friends said to me when they look upon the Cyber Campus, ‘Hey, there you are!’ They even took cell phone pictures of my image there and showed it to me.” Kim Kyung-a became the center of several harsh jokes. “Several friends teased me by saying it looked like I took the picture in the morning, or that they had to look at my picture for several minutes in order to realize who I was, and so on,” Kim said.
These students have also been recognized by professors in their classes. Kim Jessica said, “During a class of about 60 students, the professor pointed out that there was a student from the Cyber Campus in the class. I blushed because I was rather shy about my picture posted on the Cyber Campus, but I do feel a sense of pride as well.” Kim Kyung-a was even congratulated by a professor in her class. “In the beginning of a class, the professor asked the students, ‘Who is Kim Kyung-a!’ and said, ‘Congratulations!’ I was rather embarrassed but kind of happy too,” said Kim.
Although the students had moments of embarrassment due their recognition by other students and the spotlights shown on them as representative student faces of the Cyber Campus, they are friendly images with bright smile that offer relief to students before logging on to another world of studying.
As another semester goes by, new images for the Cyber Campus are expected to be posted and the unforgettable images of the current students will remain in our memories. And these students will miss this moment as a student face in the Cyber Campus as much as other students might miss their pictures. Kim Kyung-a said, “On the one hand, I want my image to disappear as soon as possible, but on the other hand, I feel a bit of sorrow. So it is like a bittersweet emotion.”



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