Ewha should make more prudent decisions
Ewha should make more prudent decisions
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The school recently announced that the College of Music, the College of Arts & Design, which were integrated as the College of Arts in 2007, will return to their original college systems from the year 2009. The decision was made as there have been a large number of students and faculty members opposed to the plan since its initiation.

  The outcome of integrating the colleges was judged to be not successful, as it restrained each school’ creativity and distorted the characteristics of each college. Also, the decision to reorganize the school system and return to its previous structure have resulted many victims, especially the students of the College of Arts who entered school after 2007. They feel isolated and confused since they are the only ones who will remain as the students of the College of Arts, unlike their seniors and future juniors.

  Another sudden decision and reversal on the part of the school administration is the glass building once placed before the Main Gate. It was suddenly torn apart early this year. Students were able to find out about the change through an article published by The Ewha Weekly. Called the Entry Plaza, the building was completed in 2006 and had a dedication ceremony on May 30, 2006, announcing that the newly built entrance would serve as the face of Ewha, with an exhibition hall sketching the past and present of Ewha in the basement.

   However, after a year and a half from its opening, the commemorative building was demolished to build a new route for cars to enter the campus. Previously, cars were only allowed to enter the campus via the back gate for safety reasons inside the school. After the decision, the school was accused of wasting students’ money, although the administration claimed that the budget for the re-construction was available in advance and it was not from students’ tuition fees.   The problem, however, is not only the finance of the re-construction but the decision to re-construct the Entry Plaza has resulted in wasting valuable resources as well as the inconvenience of blocking half of the main gate once again for more construction work.

 Ironically, on May 1, the school started to charge 1,000 won for taxis that enter the campus for safety reasons. No prior notice was given, nor were discussions conducted with student representatives. But, although the new change may restrict taxis from entering, students’ safety may be threatened if cars start coming into the main gate, which most students use. We must wait and see whether the school has made another quick decision. Ewha has made several; let? hope this one is not. However, on a general rule, making the students victims of the school? rash decisions should be avoided in the future.

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