Message from the SGA
Message from the SGA
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             Although busy staying true to their election pledges and performing various actions to make Ewha a better place for students, the Student Government Associationm (SGA) has once against set out to prepare a festival that is unique and even better than the one held before for all Ewha students to enjoy.

             The SGA considers the Daedong Festival as the biggest and the most important event of the year. They begin planning the festival one month prior to the actual event. According to Yang Kyung-eon (Korean Literature, 4), the head of the student execution association, the SGA began to hold meetings for the Daedong Festival from mid-April at least four times a week. 

              The theme for this year's festival is "Now, get out of  your shell!" "We think that students should truly try listening to their inner minds rather than concealing it. Through acting large as one, we believe that students will be able to find out about their true selves," said Yang, explaining the significance of the theme.

              Although the SGA takes great part in preparing for the Daedong Festival, it is up to the Ewha students to make unforgettable memories through the festival. Yang explained that the SGA often had difficultires gathering students into one, which is the actual purpose of the festival. 

              Yang went on to say that events such as the Yeongsan tug-of-war will be a chance to unite students. The rope makers for the Yeongsan tug-of-war were appointed as human cultural assets off Korea and Yang says it will be a great chance for students to find out what these individuals have experienced. 

              Along with the Yeongsan tug-of-war, students can directly participate in the festival as Daedongis, Yuldongis, Yeongsangis and Gooumis. Daedongis ensure the environment of the festival is safe and enjoyable. They also help to prepare the festival from the beggining to the end with the SGA. Recruitment for Daedongis continues until May 20, so students still have the chance to participate in preparing and being at the heart of the festival. Yuldongis prepare songs and rhythmic dances to liven up the atmosphere of the festival. Yeongsangis take pictures and videos throughout the festival. These pictures and videos will then be gathered to create a colorful and lasting memory of the Daedong Festival held in the year 2008. Last but not least, Ggoumis help to make the ropes for Yeongsan tug-of-war 

             Stickers will also be given out to students who participate in different activities and will be awareded with presents. The president of the SGA, Kang Jung-ju (Korean Literature, 4) said, "One of the best ways to earn the sticker is to make the Yeongsan ropes." Moreover, Yang says a festival brochure will be distributed to students. She also added that the students will also be able to meet alumnae of Ewha since manu of them still come. 

             Kang said, "The SGA feels happy when we see students enjoying the festival and actively participating in it." The Daedong Festival will only be completed if students participate and enjoy the festival that was prepared for them to make unforgettable memories as an Ewha student.
By Nam You-sun

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