Ewha Students Stride With The Globe
Ewha Students Stride With The Globe
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The Athens 2004 Olympic Games: Games of the 28th Olympiad launched its glorious curtain on August 13. The worldwide competition lasted for seventeen days, ending on August 29. Approximately 200 nations participated in the universal Olympiad this year.
Two Ewha students, Park Kyung-hwa (Human Movement and Science, 2) and Kim Sung-eun (Human Movement and Science, 2) are representative swimmers of the Korea Sports Council and Korean Olympic Committee. Yoo Na-mi (26) who had ranked eleventh in the 2000 Sydney Summer Olympic Games is competing again in synchronised swimming this year, still assigned to Ewha Womans University. Yoo Na-mi and Kim Sung-eun ranked fifteenth in total in synchronised swimming, a miraculous score for South Korea that has poor past rankings in such particular sports.
Within the 28 sports of the Games, there are a total of 37 disciplines. An Olympic sports must be ?idely practiced by men in at least 75 countries and on four continents, and by women in at least 40 countries and on three continents. The 28th Olympiad also proudly presented the first women wrestling competition ever to be practiced in history.
The epoch-making inauguration of the first Olympic games was in 1896, Athens. Back then, it was not an international festival as it mainly involved nations in the European continent. Merely nine sports were contested in the first Olympiad. Among the 241 athletes, there was not a single woman playing in the game.

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