Highlights of festival invite students to experience the fun
Highlights of festival invite students to experience the fun
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▲ English Literature majors work and play at their departmental food stand during last year's spring festival.

By Jun So-min


The overall outline of Ewha’s Daedong Festival is laid out by the Student Government Association each spring, but different colleges and clubs all prepare their own unique flavors for the students to enjoy during the festival period. This year, instead of just holding a marketplace, which is what most of the colleges and clubs have done in the past years, some colleges and clubs are trying out interesting events to raise the participation level among students.


            The College of Business Administration is trying to come up with a creative event to be as successful as last year’s. “Last year, we prepared a map of delicious restaurants near the campus and left the names blank. Then, we drew lots among the students who got the names correct and gave them prizes,” said Paeng Ga-eun (International Office Administration, 3), the president of the College of Business Administration. “This year, we are planning to conduct a survey of what students think about the Student Government Association’s activities. Students who participate in this survey will be able to get a discount at our food stand.”


           Last year, the College of engineering organized a human water balloon stand which was a huge success. The special event was held beside their food stand and they plan to hold the event again this year due to the positive reaction from the students. “I participated in the human water balloon event last year, and I had so much fun splashing water balloons,” said Yoon Jung-min (Food Science, 2).


           In many departments, the student council is not the only group preparing for the festival. The student council in the Department of Law is planning to open a food stand with a departmental band, Nan-lee Bup Suk, holding performances to catch the attention of students passing by.


           Along with the departments, clubs are also planning to be active. Ewha Campus Leader (ECL) is having a t-shirt sale especially designed to show love and pride for our school. “We participate in the marketplace every year. This year, we are going to sell two t-shirts which were very popular last year, including one with English letters on the front reading ‘Ewha Womans University,” said Shin So-young (Nursing Science, 2), the club president. “The t-shirts are only available in a limited amount, so it is important for students to come buy them as soon as possible during the first two days of the festival. They sell pretty quickly.”


           Peace Buddy is preparing an exotic marketplace. “Because we are a club that stays close to exchange students, we are planning to have a marketplace with exchange students who want to participate in the Daedong Festival,” said Lee You-na (Information Electronics Engineering, 3), the president of Peace Buddy. “Not only will we sell prepared food, we will also advertise our upcoming recruitment for new members with pamphlets and pictures of us.”


           Individuals can also participate in many activities prepared for the festival. The Ewha Teahouse organized by the Student Government Association is looking for individual performers in the teahouse while students relax and drink tea. Also, a singing contest is going to take place this year on the first day of Daedong Festival.


           “I remember watching the singing contest last year. It was quite interesting to watch the actively participating Ewha students,” said Jo Sang-hee (French Literature, 3).


           “I really enjoyed the Ewhaian Hansotbap Mukki, meaning “eating from the same bowl” in Korean, in which a humongous iron pot was prepared with bibimbap (Korean rice mixed with assorted vegetables) in portions for a thousand people,” Park Da-mi (English Literature, 3). This event is also planned again for this year.


           Although the festival is often criticized for low participation among students, Ewha students still look forward to the few days when the campus is filled with marketplaces and programs conjuring a festive atmosphere. “As a freshman, I am looking forward to my first Daedong Festival. Even though I am not a part of any club, I would like to enjoy what Ewha students have organized for us,” said Kim Ji-rim (Social Science, 1).


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