Grandmother Graduates, Granddaughter Celebrates
Grandmother Graduates, Granddaughter Celebrates
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? waited fifty years for this graduation diploma. Kim Hye-sook (04, Department of Clothing & Textiles) finally received her long awaited graduation diploma on August 27. Kim is among the 20 students who came back to Ewha since the university abolished its marriage ban of sixty years in May.
Kim had been an outgoing student back in her school days, being selected as the candidate for the May Queen contest and submitting her work as a class representative in the graduation show. However, Kim had to drop out of school when her family hurried the wedding, leaving just one more semester from her graduation.
However, she could not give up her dream of being a fashion designer. Even after the marriage, she attended fashion academy and pursued her interest in fashion.When Kim heard the news of the marriage ban being abolished, she decided it was time to finish off where she had started.
Returning to school was not easy, but it was possible through the help of a very special friend. Choi Su-yoon (Fiber Arts, 3), who is both Kim? granddaughter and a school mate, guided her with all the school administrative procedure. From signing up for lecture courses to making reservations for the graduation picture, Choi was at her aid.
Choi says that Kim was more like a close friend than a grandmother. ?he has a great sense of fashion. I love her clothes so much, I even wear them to school, says Choi. Kim was also one of the main reasons why Choi decided to study arts. ? guess grandma? artistic talents flow in me, too, adds Choi.
? couldn? have done it without help from such a wonderful friend, says Kim.

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