Students’ affection for Ewha never melts
Students’ affection for Ewha never melts
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The phrases scribbled on the wall of one woman’s bathroom inside the Centennial Library speak of the affection Ewha students have for their school. They say, “I really love our school. Although I always enumerate complaints to others that there are no boys at school, and that the tuition fees are too high, our school is very adorable.” In honor of Ewha’s Foundation Day, May 31, and to encourage more such affection towards Ewha, the Ewha Voice surveyed 150 students to find the three most popular reasons (out of 10 choices offered) for why they cannot help falling in love with Ewha.


The number one reason that students chose (57.3%) was the positive reputation that Ewha has as one of the most prominent universities in Korea. Lee Ji-yeon (Mathematics, 2) said, “Because of the high status that Ewha attained in the past, Ewha is now firmly recognized as the top women’s university in Korea. I further believe that this positive reputation can be sustained and developed through the efforts of students and of prominent alumnae who are now recognized for their achievements by Korean society.” Jo Seon-jin (Mathematics, 2) said, “Well, I’ll start with the trivial stuff, like, boys who really take pride of it and boast about it to their friends when their girl friends are from Ewha! The positive reputation that Ewha has is so significant that it makes us feel proud of ourselves.”


The number two reason (51.3%) was the power of Ewha alumnae, since numerous prominent people in Korea are graduates of Ewha. Kang Ha-eun (Business Administration, 2) said, “Several days ago, when I was at a department retreat, several alumnae came and told us about their stories at work.  I was especially inspired by a graduate,who is now working as a secretary at Kim & Chang, a prestigious law firm in Korea. When I look at them, I foster the hope that I can be as good as or even better than them in the near future. I feel so much gratitude and affection for Ewha for providing me with such hope and chances of success.”


The number three reason (32%) was the rumor that is widely spread throughout the country that Ewha students not only have good looks but also are good at studying. Kang Ji-hye (Educational Technology, 2) said, “I feel that it is not just a rumor but a fact based on justifiable evidence. Most Ewha students come to school early in the morning and head towards the Centennial Library to prepare for their exams and their careers, while also managing their appearance very nicely! There aren’t many students like us. And I also feel that this is one of the reasons that breathes courage and self-satisfaction into me. I like sharing the asset of being a student at Ewha.”


According to the students surveyed, Ewha as a whole is now a steadfast stealer of their hearts, regardless of some temporary grumbles about the school. On their way to campus, as they are joined by the illuminating sunshine and gathered by the gestures of the trees swayed by the gentle summer breeze, students are once again tenderly touched by the charms of Ewha.

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