Balanced voices of Ewha departments required
Balanced voices of Ewha departments required
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       Ewha Voice has been ‘THE’ monthly English Newspaper of Ewha for more than half a century since 1954. It  has also been my favorite campus paper from my freshman year. One of the great strengths EV has is that the topics of articles are well-chosen and very informative on pending social issues compared to weekly paper Hakbo, which often put up some articles that are not of great importance. In addition, EV is printed on high quality paper with bright colored pictures.

         However, I couldn’t but notice that on some articles, EV has become Voice of Division of International Studies(DIS). The most obvious section is Broader World, Broader View section, where an exchange student of EWHA writes about her experience abroad. Except for a few months, most of students introduced in this section were from DIS. Of course, due to the nature of their major, the number of exchange students in DIS must be higher than other departments. But, I myself have many friends who are currently abroad studying in foreign universities. The experiences of the exchange students will vary greatly because not everyone goes to same institution nor study the same courses. In my opinion, if EV invites those who have different majors to share their experiences, EV can truly broaden its view not to mention the Ewhaians who are also huge fan of EV.

         Another point I wish to suggest to EV is to hear more of Ewhaian voice. As a university student, one has to engage with social issues and events happening outside of Ewha. For this reason, I am all for EV’s great job being a route for students to be engaged with events in and out of the campus. Nevertheless, EV as campus newspaper has to focus more on the issues of campus than it has until now. I, as a huge fan of EV, would like to see EV coming up with more close-to-students topics and articles. Then, I am sure more and more students will appreciate true value of EV than now.


                                                                                               Ro Chai-won

                                                                                               (Chemistry, 4)

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