Unbalanced level of investment inside Ewha campus
Unbalanced level of investment inside Ewha campus
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Recently, the school has started another construction project to make another change in the main gate which was already under construction all throughout last year. At the same time, the construction of the Ewha Campus Complex (ECC) has reached its final phase and the school is making its finishing touches by planting trees and flowers alongside the complex, further highlighting its modernity and splendor.

This scene is a stark contrast to some parts of the campus where even the sun does not seem to go. Many places on campus have been neglected by the school, leading to inconvenience and complaints among students. So some students, along with the Student Government Association (SGA), are protesting that the school is making unnecessary changes on campus by investing large amounts of money without taking the real needs of the students into account. Thus, the school should concentrate on the real needs of the students who utilize the school facilities before wasting money on decoration or innovation for appearance’s sake within the campus.

First, the school should consider construction around the campus to help move more conveniently when moving from class to class has been left without change for a few years. For instance, the staircase in the Alumnae Building leading from the student cafeteria is crumbling. The ground in front of Humanities Building A is becoming too rugged. And steep hills and roads without sidewalks all around campus are endangering students.

Moreover, classrooms, and the buildings in which students take classes, need to be improved. For example, the classrooms in Humanities Building A in which a lot of students take elective courses, are still too cold because of an insufficient heating system. So are the facilities in the Alumnae Building in which students spend countless hours designing costumes and clothes.

In response to these complaints, the school says it has plans laid out for future construction, but is planning to handle the problems one by one after the construction of the ECC is completed. The problem is that the school has been saying the same thing the last few years, and only making occasional changes to meet the needs of the students who actually utilize the campus. It should hurry in making a campus for students rather than focusing on the wide-scale construction of the ECC or on outside decoration like the main gate.

Students pay high tuition to attend Ewha. The school should take their requests seriously and establish a campus that is convenient for them. This will raise satisfaction among students and quell discontent from the SGA, which will also benefit the school’s image in the long run than a fancy new gate. Making students happy to be Ewhaians is a goal the school should want to reach.   


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