The 50th Anniversary of Ewha Voice
The 50th Anniversary of Ewha Voice
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The Ewha Voice, the first English university press in Korea and the only English publication in Ewha, celebrates its Golden Anniversary this year. On July 3, alumnae ranging from the 1st to the 54th office gathered to share their gratitude towards each other and bid its better years to come.
The celebration had its significance not only with its function as another stepping stone to the history of theEwha Voice, but also as a gathering of alumnae of various ages, occupations, and ideas yet with similar pride for Ewha Voice.
Ewha Voice was established in 1954 by the seniors of the journalism class of the English Lang. & Lit. Department. The first edition reproduced by a mimeograph was six pages long and had drawings instead of photographs.
In 1972, the Ewha Voice was liberated from the English department and from then on, it has been published by Ewha Womans Univ. with the president as its publisher.
By the year 1979, the Ewha Voice printed 3,000 copies, and in the same year it held its first English essay contest. Through its fifty year history, it has increased its number of copies to 8,000.
The Ewha Voice will continue its work to create a new history.

Ewha Voice sends its gratitude to those who contributed to our fund raising: Kim Sook-ja, Kim Soon-ja, Kim Seung-sook, Kim Tae-ok, Myung Yong-ae, Pak Soon Ham, Paik Joon-myong, Son Kung-nim.

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