Vice-Presidency Of External Affairs Newly Established
Vice-Presidency Of External Affairs Newly Established
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  • 승인 2004.09.09 00:00
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Starting Aug. 1, Professor Yoo Jang-hee (International Studies) will serve as the Vice-President of External Affairs (a newly established position). Along with Yoo, 27 other professors were appointed to various administrative positions at Ewha.
The position of Vice-President of External Affairs was created in order to lift Ewha? standards internationally by actively building intimate relations and engaging in exchanges with external institutions.
Yoo has numerous plans to put into action. ?ore professors will be invited, providing students with a hint of the lives of collegians abroad by covering a wider range of fields. Students will be able to increase their visions, says Yoo.
As well as the students, professors of Ewha will also be able to experience an increase in the opportunities to advance their expertise. Many of the renowned professors invited by Ewha are editors of top foreign journals. Thus, tips and comments for successful papers can be provided by the foreign professors through the exchange program.
In addition, Yoo also wishes to activate exchanges within the Korean society. He stresses the need to establish various exchange programs with other universities within Korea, along with social service programs. ?tudents of Ewha have values that are distinct and precious. It is now time to render them outside Ewha, says Yoo.
Yoo had organized last year? events and was expected to be appointed to the new position. During the last semester, world renowned professors such as Wendy Gramm, the former President of United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Robert A. Scalapino, professor emeritus at UC Berkeley, and three other distinguished scholars visited Ewha, highly valuing the university? potential.
With the confidence gained from these visits, the school proposed to nine distinguished scholars the positions of honorary distinguished professors, which all of them accepted. ?e are the leading medium of women? education and it has been proven. We now need to be proactive; broadening our vision and reaching for higher goals, says Yoo.

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