Three Ewha generations in a family
Three Ewha generations in a family
  • Son Min-ji
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“Our family sings the Ewha school song instead of any other song when all our family members gather. I would have been isolated from my family if I had not graduated from Ewha. Ewha is part of our family history,” said Kim Key-young (’67 Educational Psychology). Kim’s mother, her daughter, and even her sisters graduated from Ewha.


Families like Kim’s, which have embraced Ewha for three generations, have many stories to share about how Ewha has permeated into the lives of their family members.


 Park Joo-hyun (International Studies, 2) got a strong recommendation to enter Ewha from her mother, Yang Ok-kyung (’78, English). Her mother had also been advised to choose Ewha by Park’s grandmother, Cho Chung-ho (’49, English). “I didn’t only choose Ewha because of my mother’s recommendation. Ewha’s well-known program in my major, International Studies, was one of the main reasons. But my grandmother was very happy to hear that I was admitted to Ewha,” said Park. Doe Hye-jung (Chinese, 4) also felt a special attachment to the school because both her grandmother and mother had graduated from Ewha. “I wore my mother’s graduation ring when I was preparing for the university entrance exam,” said Doe. Doe still remembers her visit to Ewha with her mother when she was a child. Now she feels both happy and proud to walk in the footsteps of her mother on the Ewha campus.


Families with over three generations at Ewha can also share similar memories and experiences in their school lives. Yoo Eun-hee (’77, Chemistry), mother of Ko Yu-seon (’02, Journalism and Media Studies) says she gave her daughter some good advice by drawing on past experiences at Ewha. “I told my daughter where to go for a good snack places Gami Restaurant. I also told her about my blind date experiences,” said Yoo.


Park Joo-hyun says her mother gives advice about school life by emphasizing the importance of engaging in diverse activities. But, sometimes the two just tell stories to each other. “When I told my mother that I was taking a big liberal arts class, she asked me if the class was in room 414 ofHumanitiesBuilding A. I was surprised because, actually, it was. That means that my mother must have been sitting in the same classroom years ago,” Park said.


However, nothing can be more impressive than the school life of Park’s grandmother, who studied inPusan during the Korean War. “The school campus was almost perfectly resettled inPusan where my mother studied during the war. Ewha helped its students, including my mother, to evacuate, and allowed them to continue their studies there. In this sense, Ewha is more special to our family because a shelter was given to my mother, and this is what only family can do,” said Park’s mother, Yang.


Yang defines Ewha influence as “beyond generation.” Rather than classifying each member of the family as the first graduate, second graduate or the third graduate, she says, “It is better to understand that Ewha as a whole is a natural and continuous connection in our family, regardless of generation.”  


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