More voices from the majority need to be heard
More voices from the majority need to be heard
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           The first time I was encountered with Ewha Voice is when my tutor, who is currently one of the Ewha students, had recommended one. Since then, reading Ewha Voice from time to time has given me a different kind of pleasure from reading other types of English newspapers. Although it is mainly focused on campus life and news, I could be at the same time informed about currently pending issues of this society.

           Usually, my favorite part of Ewha voice is Social Issues section. Articles in this section are highly up to date and it approaches the social issues in students’ eyes. In the last edition, my favorite article was "Too much financial dependence on parents". As I briefly skimmed through the newspaper, my eyes were caught by a satirical illustration, a father carrying his daughter and money on his back with an exhausting look. The reason this article was interesting is because although the fact that a lot of Korean students highly depend their finances on parents, this phenomenon is rather considered as natural in this society. I, too, was somewhat ignorant of this matter as many other people since it was such a prevalent phenomenon. However, this article made me think about the tendency of this country that normally accepts students to receive financial supports from their parents even after they become adults.

           Overall, Ewha voice interestingly illustrates various student activities and covers variety sections of news, including social, cultural and global issues. Another point I like about Ewha voice is newspaper staffs' attempts to relate the articles to the international society and approaching matters with global scale, not just confining into campus issues.

           However, compared to the amount of articles that informs new events, I could not find many articles that deals with opinions of majority Ewha students. Although Ewha voice is highly informative, it would be much better if it delivers true voices of Ewhaians with their greater participations.



-Jung Hye Won , Shinmok High school 3

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