Ewha Accepts Married Students For the First Time
Ewha Accepts Married Students For the First Time
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On the first day of the semester, two unique first year students caught other students attention. The two women sitting down and chatting in front of the Student Union Building.
Ki Seong-hwa (Elementary Education, 1), who is 29 years old and Chun Yeon-mi (Pharmacy, 1), who is 32, are both married students who enrolled in 2004, the first year that Ewha abolished a 58-year old rule that banned married women from enrolling. The rule was established in 1946. However, as increasing numbers of students gave up their schooling due to marriage, Ewha abrogated the system last February.
For both Ki and Chun, it is their second time to enter a university. Ki was a student in Yonsei University? Department of Physical Therapy and Chun, in 1991, was enrolled in the Department of Clothing and Textiles in Dongduk Women? University.
In the fall of 2002, Ki left a corporation that promoted the employment of the disabled, and started studying for the college entrance exam. After a long journey, she achieved her goal. ? would not have come here by myself, but my husband encouraged me to accept the challenge of becoming an elementary school teacher, which was my long cherished dream, says Ki. She continued, ?owever, as my major was in the college of science and engineering, after a 8-year gap, my training was of little value. Also, since the educational procedure differed from the past, it was hard for me to adopt to the new system.
Before entering Ewha, Ki faced several hardships. Last May, Ki gave birth to a daughter, which made her have second thoughts about fulfilling her dream. In the following September, she had a car accident. Due to this, Ki had to put down her pen for a few months. ?till, I studied steadily, despite the obstacles. Now that I think of it, being active in using my brain must have given good prenatal training to my daughter, who was not born then, says Ki with a smile.
Chun has a similar story. Chun was a designer at a company dealing with clothing. But in April 2002, she grabbed her books and started studying her texts and notes as if she were a high school student. ? dreamed of having a lifetime job, so I even gave up my honeymoon and studied all through last November, says Chun. She plans to go on her honeymoon this summer.
Already, Chun has adapted to her new life as a college student. She has met colleagues who are 10 years younger than her. Despite the age difference, Chun says, ?here seem to be no conflicts with other students in the courses that I am taking. It? only been a month since the start of school. We will just have to wait and see how it goes.
Kim Bo-mi (Pharmacy, 1), Chun? partner in an English 1 class, says, ? didn? notice that she was married until I saw the articles in the media. She is just the same as other Ewhaians.
As Ewha Womans University only abolished the system of not accepting married students last February, more married students are likely to appear in the future. When asked about having a buddy system for the married students, The Office of Public Relations replied, ?here seems to be no necessity to arrange buddies officially since, unlike the students who were readmitted to the school as elderly women, these students are much younger and can adapt to the environment easily. Also, a staff-member of the Office of Student Affairs mentioned, ?n February, there was a special orientation for the readmitted students, however, there wasn? a separate meeting for the married students; they have participated in normal activities.
For now, Ki and Chun are both proud to be at Ewha and they are to plan their life ahead with great hope and expectations.

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