HubHerb Ewha Kicks Off Semester With Sunrise Festival
HubHerb Ewha Kicks Off Semester With Sunrise Festival
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The Student Government Association (SGA), ?ubHerb Ewha, held the first official general meeting in five years attended by a majority of the members of the student council, and celebrated the first ?unrise Festival in three years, at the site of the Ewha Square, which will be under construction until 2007.
At the general meeting on March 11, the entire student council gathered to discuss two major issues: evaluation of the council? protest against# the rise in tuition fees and the overall path that the 36th student council should follow.
In speaking for the student body complaints about tuition, HubHerb has promoted diverse forms of expression, including e-mail polls, informative posters, fliers and stickers posted on the school fence. Despite their creativity, however, some attendants of the March 11 meeting said, students are not entirely satisfied. ? think students should be able to express their opinions and the school should listen to their voices through more direct interaction, such as an open conference not just with HubHerb but with all Ewhaians, says Cho Min-kyung (International Studies, 2).
The Sunrise Festival marked HubHerb? second big event of the semester.
A ceremony praying for the resolution of problems in and out of campus and for improvements in Ewha and the student council opened the Sunrise Festival. Energetic performances by the dance group Action, cheerleading routines by cheer squad Pyrus and performances by freshmen added confidence, hope and energy as well as compensating for the cold weather. The performances were followed by awards for the colleges posting the most stickers on the fence near Ewha? main gate in the tuition protest.
Following the award ceremony, the students gathered in the Welch-Ryang Auditorium for a candle light vigil. Lastly, HubHerb encouraged students to participate in the Gwanghwamun candlelight vigils, every night at 7:00 p.m., to resolve social issues related to the impeachment of President Roh Moo-hyun.
The Sunrise Festival was an example of successful, active planning by the SGA and college representatives. Many representatives, however, expressed disappointment, for most Ewha students only stood by watching for a few moments beside the school fence and did not enter the Ewha Square to participate, due to the cold weather and late time.

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