A real concern for global warming
A real concern for global warming
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▲ Paik Sung-weun(English Education, 2)


Ever since I joined the “Roots and Shoots” club when I was in middle school, I became very interested in the environment of our planet, especially global warming in particular. I have written several papers about the issue and as doing so, I got aware of the damages humans made on Earth that could not be restored. As many countries traded forests and mountains with development and people wasted resources for more convenient and comfortable lives, 6.5 billion human beings’ home heated up more than ever over the past few years.

There is no longer icecap seen in Mt. Kilimanjaro and glaciers in Mt. Everest are melting down at an unbelievable rate. African tribes are suffering from severe water shortages and half of the populations are drinking polluted water that threatens their lives. An unusual change in weather can be easily seen throughout the world. As an example, summer in Korea last year was especially long and hot compared to previous summers. November and December was not as cold as before which resulted in flowers and plants to blossom and animals that hibernate to roam in the wild. The changes were so obvious and different that people could actually feel the climate change with their own skins.

Just like what I mentioned above, global warming, one of the most critical issues facing the world, influences many world issues such as oceanic acidification, land and water shortages, and wildlife extinction. These problems undoubtedly will threaten human being’s survival on this planet, resulting in serious wars among the countries and its people for food and water.

Global warming is no longer a debate. There has to be actions taken to prevent further increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The floods, droughts, storms, and other natural disasters that destroyed the planet in movies may not be that far away from us. It is time to realize the negative effects global warming would have on our planet. Global warming can actually destroy our Earth with continuously rising temperature along with probable nuclear wars among nations for food and water. Either or, this problem is a very serious issue and it has to be solved at a worldwide scale no matter what happens.


Paik Sung-weun (English Education, 2)

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