Tuition Hikes Strongly Opposed
Tuition Hikes Strongly Opposed
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  • 승인 2004.04.22 00:00
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Since the beginning of the semester, the Student Government Association (SGA) has not ceased its protests against the eight percent overall rise in tuition fees, an increase that is taking place for the seventh consecutive year.
The SGA has conducted its demonstrations in front of the main gate and the Student Union Building, making use of loudspeakers to raise their concerns on various issues, including the tuition fee hike. The SGA has also been handing out leaflets which provide information on the rise in scholarship fees, and the construction of the Ewha Campus Center (ECC), and conducting surveys on students opinions on these topics.
The results of the surveys conducted by the SGA on undergraduate students opinions concerning the tuition raise showed a generally disapproving majority amongst the 5,747 students who replied.
One question asked, ?o you think that an eight percent rise in schooling fees is unavoidable in order to attain an appropriate student welfare level and continue the development of Ewha, as the representative of the school? staff claims? In answer to this, a ruling total of 78.3 percent said either that the increase in tuition fees seems unreasonable when the economic recession and families burdens are considered, or that tuition fees and development in Ewha? educational environment are separate matters, therefore, there was no link between the two issues.
Answers to another survey question showed that 88.4 percent of the respondents either felt ?ery or ? little burdened by the schooling fee at Ewha.
The Ewha administration has yet to show an official response. Meanwhile, the SGA continues to orchestrate and carry out more protests.

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