Ewha Opens Female Leadership Center
Ewha Opens Female Leadership Center
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The newly established Ewha School or Leadership Development (ESLD) is offering training programs for professionals in politics and business.
ESLD"s aim is to increase female participation in society, train one million female leaders, and reorganize the male leadership-oriented social structure. Established on the belief that the 21st century requires more flexible, horizontal working relations, it reflects Ewha"s commitments to the importance of female leadership. The main focus is to provide women with the appropriate training for their heightened professional standing.
Two separate traning programs are conducted: a "Women"s Political Leadership Development Program" and a "Women"s Business Leadership Development Program." The focus of the former is to "reevaluate the potential of women"s political leadership and increase female impact in politics." The purpose of the Business Leadership Development Program is to "predict the form of which female leadership must take by analyzing the working environment, train female workers according to that form, and ultimately support them to become global leaders." Participants in both program will undergo vigorous training in political/business communication, negotiation, conflict management, coaching and mentoring, and trend-reading.
ESLD revealed that the students participating in its first semester programs will include President Kim Hyo-sun of Women"s News, Kim Geun-lae, a member of the Grand National Party, and other high-ranking female workers from Samsung, LG, and Asiana Airlines. The programs will be run by experts, such as President Chang Myung-su of the Korea Times, Nam Gung-suk, a member of the Millenium Democratic Party, Professor Park Seung-kwan of Seoul National University, and Professor Kim Su-jin of Ewha Womans University.

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