Making Way Through The World
Making Way Through The World
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In a busy marketplace somewhere in the countryside of China, a 14-year-old boy is hurrying to his destination with a violin case on one shoulder. A few minutes later, he arrives at a nearby restaurant. "Hurry, hurry Xiao Chun!" yells the owner. "Play something strong and powerful!" The boy quickly takes out his violin and begins playing a cheerful song. And... A minuter later the cry of a newly born baby bursts out.

This is the first scene of the movie "Together," directed by Chen Kaige, a film about the love between a father and son. The main subject of the movie is heavy and cliched, but as you can see, it does not lose its sense of humor. The movie, eventually, turns out to be quite pleasant.

Xiao Chun is a violin prodigy living with his father in the countryside of China. He is a shy, innocent boy who does not know anything other than the violin. Xiao Chung"s father Liu Chung is very proud of his genius son and is willing to do anything that can help his son succeed with his violin talents. One day, the father and son go to Beijing, and their journey towards Xiao Chun"s success begins.

Conflicts occur for both the father and son after their move to Beijing, as the materialistic scare of Beijing opens their eyes. Xiao Chun gets to see the things that were hidden behind his concentration on the violin and starts to feel frustration by his father. Liu Chung wishes for his son"s success, but soon realizes that there is not much he can do to help him.

Viewers are likely to fall directly in love with the character, Xiao Chun, played by actor Tang Yun. This movie is his first, but he successfully projects the pure-hearted image of Xiao Chun. Tang, himself a genius violinist, played all the violin melodies that are featured on screen.

There are some peculiar things about the movie "Together." First of all, this movie was based on a true story that director Chen saw in a documentary. He was so impressed that he decided to play the role of professor Yun, Xiao Chun"s master. Even his wife appears on the screen as Li Li, a cheerful lady who spends most of her earnings on her hair, clothes, and men. Another point of interest is that Koreans also particiapted in making the film. The photographic director and the lighting director were Koreans, and the clothes that Li Li wears in the movie were all made by a Korean designer.

The music, the characters, and the theme of love between the father and son go together well, giving the movie delicate nuances of emotion. The similar emotions that Chinese and Koreans share also make the movie feel real enough to make you forget that it is a film.

Though the movie is about the love of a father for his son, you are likely to cherish the illusion that it is talking about your own father"s love for you. When the movie is over, you will find yourself standing on your feet, applauding the father and son, impressed by the love they show.

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