Learning about PR through student ambassadors
Learning about PR through student ambassadors
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by Kim Young-hwa (English Education, 1)

  I never imagined that I would be elected as the student ambassador of Shinhan Bank, because the competitive rate was 100:1, the highest rate since  Shinhan Bank launched the program of recruiting university student ambassador. I was so excited to meet new people and experience new things.

  In the interview, I had promised that if I get elected as the ambassador, I would take this opportunity as a life time experience and enthusiastically advertise Shinhan Bank with great teamwork, creative ideas and passion.

  All of our 55 ambassadors met together on July 23 and held the first meeting. Our mission was to advertise Shinhan Bank with our own special plans in teams. The next month we met, we were supposed to make a presentation for what we had planned to advertise Shinhan, and what we had successfully implemented in advertising. At the end of the meeting, all of our members were to vote the best team.

  Until now we have accomplished many fruitful activities, holding 'Design Your Dream, Shinhan Bank,' pickets in one hand at all times. For instance, we marched on the road, promoting the use of public transportation to the citizens on the 'No Car Day.' We also collected trashes and cleaned up the Cheongye stream and I realized how beautiful a place could change with our small touch. Moreover, in Chuseok, we sent letters to the people who could not visit their relatives and their families. Besides, we encouraged people to donate blood for sick people and  gave little presents in turn for their donations. The most eventful activity was when we went to an orphanage called Kkot-dong-nae and helped elderly and orphans taking bathe. It was so unforgettable that I had devoted my time to help the physically disabled people. I realized that the physical work was nothing compared to the satisfaction of being able to help.

  I would have never experienced such an invaluable time if I had not volunteered to be the ambassador of Shinhan Bank. We were not just advertising the financial group Shinhan Bank, but dedicating our time to help people in need through meaningful activities. Also, sharing ideas together within groups have taught me the importance of communicating with other people. It has been almost  three months now and I have two more months to go. I can already imagine myself crying all night with all of our ambassadors after our duration ends.

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