Ewha Voice, a source of inspiration for me
Ewha Voice, a source of inspiration for me
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  The first day I entered in Ewha dormitory my hands couldn’t stop grabbing the news paper that was in the box of Ewha Voice by the side of Graduate dormitory. I found Ewha Voice a very good source to get more news and information for the students.

  Ewha Voice is a good example among the newspaper which is constructed with multiple readers in mind. It incorporates standard design like a brief and upcoming events menu directing readers to major categories of information, a center area with feature article of interest for all the students.

I found extensive resources for the students that include recent news, information about international student exchange programme, some key points to make better life and personal experience of several celebrities and students is fabulous. All other sections that it covers for example; culture section, social issues and theme are really mind blowing. Every section has its own importance for the readers.

  Most of the articles motivate enough to learn how to precede life in a positive way .It is the source of inspiration and encourages the students to make their life better. Ewha Voice is the one best way from which you can have more information about what is going in Ewha and the best means from which you can improve your English if you become a regular reader.

  You can show your creativity through Ewha Voice, So if you really feel enthusiasm to make your self perfect and wants to get more information about Ewha then what you need to do is be the part of it and try to know more through Ewha Voice. We must thank all the members of Ewha Voice for granting such a golden opportunity for us by creating Ewha Voice. I hope to get more other information in coming days.

I wish Ewha Voice for its success in future.

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