Read and enjoy your school newspaper!
Read and enjoy your school newspaper!
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With the advancement of communication technology, journalism has become the fourth major power in modern society along with administration, legislation and justice. Besides informing the public what is happening around the world, it also interprets world events for the readers. Thus, journalism has vast influence to the society.


As a student majoring in Journalism and Communication, at home, I have written to my department monthly issue. As an exchange student I want to experience the reporter life here at Ewha. It is a special experience for a foreigner to involve in a local school newspaper. I am glad to have a chance to visit the Korean Herald and the Ewha Modern Dance Festival with reporters in the Ewha Voice.


School newspapers take up an important role in helping students know more about campus life, as well as the opinions on current issues. However, I find some differences between the school newspapers in Hong Kong and Korea.


First of all, subjects that they carry are different. In Hong Kong, the school newspapers mainly focus on the unfair status in the society and the controversial issues, while the Ewha Voice mainly focuses on the campus life and student activities.


Secondly, I find differences in wording. In order to attract attention, some Hong Kong school newspapers tend to use inflammatory or ironic words to express their point of view. The Ewha Voice uses simple and direct wordings that are easy to digest. Both ways are understandable but the effects are not the same.


Thirdly, the layout is different. Hong Kong school newspapers use more photos, charts and surveys besides wordings to create eye-catching visual effect. The Ewha Voice uses comfortable wordings with one photo for every article.


Different school newspapers have their own unique styles. One thing I find about the Ewha Voice, I can feel the passion of the reporters for their newspaper. Their dedication to keep the student community well informed is highly recommendable.


Mui Yiu Kei Keith

(The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 3)

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