More Rights For Students On Leave
More Rights For Students On Leave
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Starting this fall, students taking leaves of absence will be able to enjoy certain rights that until now, were only given to enrolled students.

The Student Government Association (SGA) has negotiated with the Office of Academic Affairs, the University Library, and the University Health Service Center to enhance the rights of over 3,000 students taking leaves of absence.

Before this point, students taking leaves of absence were not able to get health service at the school, borrow books from the library, or apply for summer or winter courses.

However, beginning this semester, students taking leaves of absence may use the University Health Service Center in the Alumnae Building if they pay the medical fees. They can also borrow three books a week from the University Library with a 30,000 won refundable deposit, and register for one course each in the summer and winter sessions. The SGA plans to continue in helping students on leave freely use school facilities and programs.

Early admission students get An Active head start at Ewha learning how to dance with the group ACTION, talks with Lee Bo-young ("88, English Education), Kim Ju-ha ("88, Science Education), and Hong Eun-ah (Excercise and Sports Science, 4), and other activities.

Early admission students are also given a student identification card that can be used to check out books at the University Library, make an individual account on the Internet, and can also register for courses. Students can also obtain up to six credits in advance this semester if they register for certain English and computer courses that are provided by the school.

It has only been three years since the start of the early admission systems and according to Prof. Park Dong-sook (Media Studies) of the Office of Admissions, no one can be sure about the long term survival of the system. Receiving acceptance letters six months earlier, and having access to the benefits the university has to offer, in the meantime, is getting a good response from college students-to-be.

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