Early Admission Students Get An Active Head Start At Ewha
Early Admission Students Get An Active Head Start At Ewha
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Despite existing criticism on early admissions, a high ratio of successful high school candidates accepted at Seoul? major universities have registered for the school of their choice. Early accepted Ewhaians have already started their campus life through various programs provided by the university.

Among the 3,548 applicants for Ewha, 356 students made the final cut, and 349 registered accordingly. The result was a registration rate of 98 percent, a considerably higher rate than last year? 87.6 percent. Other top schools, such as Korea, Sungkyunkwan, and Yonsei Universities have all shown similarly high enrollment rates of over 90 percent.

The main cause behind this high registration rate is to the fact that students are only allowed to register at one school, even if they have been accepted at more than one, and cannot change their minds afterwards. Moreover, a different education system will be introduced next year, making it difficult for students to repeat another year of studying for the National Scholastic Aptitude Test (NSAT).

Early admitted students can enjoy a number of benefits that their peers cannot, besides being exempted from the college entrance exam this upcoming November. Universities allow students to get a taste of campus life beforehand, and Ewha is one of the most active schools in this attempt.

Ewha held Global Leadership Camp for successful candidates from August 19 to 20. Over 200 students signed up to participate alongside student mentors, professors, and prominent graduates of Ewha in a program of lectures on leadership, Golden Bell quizzes on Ewha, learning how to dance with the group ACTION, talks with Lee Bo-young, Kim Ju-ha, and Hong Eun-ah, and other activities.

Early admitted students are also given a student identification card that can be used to check out books at the University Library, make an individual account on the Internet, and also register for courses. Students can also obtain up to six credits in advance this semester if they register for certain English and computer courses that are provided by the school.

It has only been three years since the start of the early admissions system and according to Prof. Park Dong-sook of the Office of Admissions, no one can firmly decide on the continuance or the termination of the system. Receiving acceptance letters six months early, and getting access to the benefits the university has to offer, in the meantime, is getting a good response from college students-to-be.


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