Ewha Graduate Named As Constitutional Court Justice
Ewha Graduate Named As Constitutional Court Justice
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Senior Judge of the Seoul High Court Chun Hyo-suk ("73, Law) was named a Constitutional Court Justice by President Roh Moo-hyun on August 26. This is the first time in history for a woman to be nominated since the Constitutional Court opened in 1988.

Chun graduated from Ewha in 1973 and passed the 17th judicial examinations. Chun is known as the first Ewha graduate to pass the Korean Bar examinations.

After teaching at the Judicial Research & Training Institute and working as a senior judge of the Seoul District Court, Chun was nominated as senior judge at the Seoul High Court in 1999. This February, she became the first female judge to become a senior judge of the criminal department of the Seoul High Court.

Chun was also recommended as Supreme Court Justice on August 1 by civic groups to the Korean Bar Association. She is the fourth woman in history to pursue a career in law.


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