English And Computer Requirements Abolished
English And Computer Requirements Abolished
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The school announced on August 12 that the English proficiency and computer competence requirements for graduation would no longer be requisite, but optional, in the future. Gaining certification in these two fields will continue to guarantee students three credits for each certificate, but they will cease to be mandatory.

The system of requiring students to achieve English and computer abilities in addition to the school curriculum was applied to Ewhaians admitted in 2000. Such measures were taken by the school to ensure that graduates of Ewha would be competent in skills related employment in the fast-changing global era.

Since then, most departments required students to gain high scores in English proficiency tests, such as TOEFL and TOEIC, and also certificates in computer competence exams, for example, MOUS or Internet Searcher.

The Student Government Association (SGA) has, however, continuously voiced its disapproval of the new requirements for graduation. The SGA has claimed that the choice to improve one"s abilities in English and computer proficiency should be left to the individual. For over three years, it has criticized the enforcement of the system, and pointed out that each individual must invest in additional educational expenses without the school"s assistance.

The decision to abolish the mandatory requirement has taken these claims into account, as well as other issues. The fact that the level required by these exams by the school does not match the level required by most corporations, and that abilities that must be acquired differ according to the student"s major or job prospects have also played a part in leaving English and computer certificates as a choice.


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