International development project funded by government
International development project funded by government
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Ewha will receive 700 million won annually for two years from the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development to conduct a project on international development cooperation starting from the second semester of 2007.

The project, headed by Professor Choi Byung-il (Graduate School of International Studies) aims to foster specialists in international development cooperation armed with both theoretical and practical knowledge in the field.

The full titleof the project is Development of the Korean-Style Economic Growth Model, and Program for Education and Training of ODA Specialists: Education Exports through the ACE Strategy. ACE is an abbreviation of Area, Core Curriculum, and Expert Export. It infers that the project will choose 12 areas (A) to cooperate with and specialize in development cooperation, Korean education, information technology, design, health, and environment as core curriculums (C). Ultimately, it pursues expert export (E) trained in these fields.

The Ministry grant is a part of its Metropolitan Area University Specialization Project, promoted since 2004 to bolster support for universities in specific fields which they excel. This year, six other universities, including Seoul and Yonsei University, competed with Ewha. Ewha and Kyunghee University were selected for ministry support.

“Our project goes beyond the sphere of giving out money. It is designed to export education abroad,” Choi said. “This is robably what made Ewha’s project receive a positive evaluation.”

As part of the project, a minor in development cooperation systems will be established starting from the second semester of 2007. The minor is open to all graduate students at Ewha. Besides, thirty international students from developing countries will come to Ewha starting next year. Ewha’s Global Partnership Program (EGPP) will be expanded to more master’s courses and the number of English lectures will also increase.

As a country which now reached the threshold of industrialization with the help of foreign nations, Korea is searching for ways to give back, says Choi. “The Korean government needs experts to effectively aid growth of developing countries. How to nurture such experts is a core issue, and in this vein the project drew support.”

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