Diversity rather than prejudice
Diversity rather than prejudice
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                 To describe an Ewhaian, you have to deviate from the traditional and go a little into the extremes because she can do things out of the ordinary. The typical Ewhaian is fun loving, smart, sophisticated and has a healthy dislike for homework. There are times that she crams for tests and submits requirements shortly before the deadline. However, she has the ability to perform miracles in times of dilemma. She is indeed an epitome of grace under pressure.

Despite the tremendous pressure and crashing workload, she exudes energy in balancing family, extra-curricular activities, and competitive academics.

                  An Ewha student depicts a genuine sense of sophistication. Like her fashion, she is experimental and ingenious, is most of the time out of the ordinary, and will surely leave an exquisite statement. Fashion is indeed one of the words attached to Ewhaians.

”Strong individuality” is also one trait. Due to high degree of competition, Ewhaians tend to be indifferent and a bit conceited. This may seem to be a negative facet, but it makes her feel more independent.

                  She also is not a pessimist, who manages to laugh and have fun even with the great amount of workload. She is someone who knows her principle and lives by them.

With a will power, she can go further in making the affairs of state. She has strength of mind. An Ewhaian is a woman with a free voice and a soul who speaks about what’s on her mind. Creativity lies within her hands and her voice, gives different perspectives on matters that account to women, environment, or people.

             Ewha is a diversified community. Each one shares a commonality with each other, but they are unique in their own right. Ewha students are like flowers. They have different appearances and behaviors. Their uniqueness and diversity permit them to discover what they have and what they do not have. Though some people live in the shadows of others, it is not forever. An Ewhaian is bound to journey through life with another Ewhaian to be a better woman that is capable of making a genuine change in the society.



-Maria Regina Arquiza (Advertisement & PR, 3)

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