Ewha branches out to SUNY-Stony Brook
Ewha branches out to SUNY-Stony Brook
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   Ewha has completed building its overseas satellite campus in the State University of New York - Stony Brook (SUNY-Stony Brook), and 20 Ewha students were selected this July to take part in study abroad program there next year.

   Building overseas satellite campuses is a part of Global Ewha 2010 Project, which was announced by Ewha president Lee Bae-yong earlier this year, and SUNY-Stony Brook is the first overseas satellite campus to be established. Unlike exchange student who are treated as full time Ewha students, students who study at overseas satellite campus should pay tuition for both Ewha and overseas satellite campus like SUNY-Stony Brook to be treated as full time Ewha student. By the special agreement between SUNY-Stony Brook and Ewha, the 20 Ewha students will receive a ten percent discount on SUNY-Stony Brook tuition and 80 percent discount on Ewha’s tuition. All students who are selected as exchange students are possible candidates for the overseas satellite campuses. The arranged term for studying at a overseas satellite campus is one semester. “Building overseas satellite campuses will provide a wide opportunity for Ewha students to study at prestigious schools around the world, and we sound that SUNY-Stony Brook was really popular among Ewha students,” said Anna Suh, the program manager at the Office of Global Affairs.

Ewha plans to establish more overseas satellite campuses in about 20 other cities worldwide, including LA, Boston, London, Paris, Berlin, and Tokyo within two years. Ewha expects to annually send 1,900 Ewha students, about 60 percent of its freshmen abroad to take part in various overseas education programs by 2010.

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